Primary 1

If you are looking at admitting your children in Government or Aided Schools One has to approach the Primary Allocation Center and join Primary One Admission System (POA). usually the Application process starts during the month of September and remain till January. If your child is studying in Kindergarten then you can obtain the application there or you can approach District Offices, Primary Allocation Center or EDB offices. Allocation center might ask you for documentary proof of your residence like your passport , Visa, HKID, Address Proof (Utility Bills) Etc.

Primary 2 Onwards

one has to Visit the required School, Pay the Application fees to obtain the application, ( some schools might give it free) and submit it with the required documents

  • Selection depends on the Availability of seats
  • Written test and Interview process might be involved
  • School placements are usually based on the proximity to place of stay/ residence, Siblings studying in the same School Etc.
  • Hong Kong Schools are know to have long waiting list. So, be prepared to apply at least a year before.