FRAGRANT HARBOUR MARITIME FESTIVAL INTRODUCTION The inaugural Fragrant Harbour Maritime Festival will take place on the 19th, 20th and 21st of May 2017 at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum in Central. On display will be recreational craft, related equipment and water sports accessories. For visitors, we invite you to come and meet the people who provide your marine recreational needs. Entrance is free and the location could not be more convenient. For exhibitors, this is your opportunity to meet the public, to engage and let visitors know that boating is for everyone, not just the rich. It is affordable and fun. The on-shore exhibition area is undercover, so no need to worry about bad weather. Food and drinks will be sold on site and there’s a restaurant on the rooftop serving the most delicious pies and pastries. What’s more, the building is home to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum with so much to see and learn about our historic port. The museum will be staging a number of cultural events as part of the Fragrant Harbour Maritime Festival. So come along, enjoy yourselves and learn all about marine recreation in Hong Kong. We look forward to meeting you!

介紹 首屆Fragrant Harbour Maritime Festival 將於2017年5月19日,20日及21日在香港 中環香港海事博物館舉行。展覽內容包括水上活動,設備和配件,為那些在空閒時間 享受水上活動的人而設。 對於訪客來說,我們誠邀您來參加並接觸一些提供水上娛樂的供應商。除了免費入、 場地也很方便。 對於參展商來說,這是您接觸公眾的好機會,讓參觀人士知道水上活動是給大眾的, 而不只是屬於富有的人。 是一般人也能負擔的玩樂。 岸上展覽區是室內的,所以不用擔心惡劣的天氣。二樓餐廳售賣食物和飲品,並供應 著最美味的餡餅和糕點。 更重要的是,這座建築物是香港海事博物館的所在地,我們可以了解到歷史悠久的港 口。 博物館還將舉辦一些文化活動,也是展覽的一部份。 來參與吧! 讓我們一同去了解及享受香港的水上娛樂活動吧! 我們期待與您見面。

19 May 2017 – 21 May 2017