Education System in Hong Kong

Hong Kong follow the Compulsory Education of 12 Years for all. i.e. 6 years of Primary Education and 3 years of Junior Secondary and 3 Years of Senior Secondary and funded by the Government that means its free for Hong Kong Residents.

Primary is divided into Lower (P1 to P3) & Upper Primary (P3-P6)

like wise Secondary is also divided into Lower/Junior Secondary (S1 to S3) & Upper Secondary (S4 to S6)

Under the 3-3-4 (3 – {S1-S3}, 3-{S4-S6}, 4-{University}) Education system of Hong Kong one will be taking a Public Examination at the end 12 Years of Education.

After School Next is University and University Admission is based on the Grades that one have received in the public examination. There is a separate system followed in granting seats.

The following PDF published on the Hong Kong Government Website will give you a very deep understanding of Education System and facilitates, rather FACTS about Hong Kong Education